Impact for Connectivity

Policy Impact Partners (PIP) is a global consultancy platform supporting the future of digital connectivity.

We bring together senior experts to develop, promote and impact policy and regulations that enable innovative technologies to positively transform economies and societies.

Global team of telecommunications and connectivity experts

Trusted partner to industry, policy and regulatory leaders

Blending global insights and local expertise

National and (sub) regional level delivery

Delivering Policy Impact

We build partnerships, provide technical and regulatory expertise and promote dialogue between public and private sector bodies to realise the full potential of connectivity, digital transformation and data driven services across society.

The seniority of our consultants and the high quality of our work offers clients a trusted extension to their in-house teams.


Radio Spectrum

Regulatory Reform

Innovative Connectivity

Market Access


Advocacy and Campaign Management

National and (Sub) Regional Representation

Research and Analysis

Knowledge Exchange and Capacity Building


Experts on the ground

Our associate directors and network of independent senior advisors are former industry and regulatory leaders who have been at the forefront of tech and telecoms. Using the power of the innovative technologies we promote, our people are based all over the world. They engage at the local and (sub) regional levels with a global understanding.


Local engagements with a global perspective. 



We support policymakers, regulators and innovators to understand both local and global contexts, always tailoring our contribution to the customs and cultures we are working in.

How we work

Strategic groundwork

We conduct and curate research and analysis to support the evidence base for any innovation we champion. We draw on the knowledge, networks and language skills of our local experts to ensure this process is thorough and authentic. 

A united front

We support objectives at the highest levels. Acting independently or alongside clients’ teams, we provide expertise, co-ordination, governance, project management and quality control.

Clear communications

Our work is supported by strong messaging, impactful design, clear graphics and engaging content. 

Get In Touch 

We operate globally, but our service is always personal. Please get in touch and one of our Founding Directors will be happy to discuss how we can work together.