Herman Schepers, Founder and Director.

“I’ve practiced public affairs and advocacy all over the world for more than 20 years. During this time I’ve worked for global companies, associations and agencies. I’ve built successful advocacy teams, led campaigns and managed complex regulatory and policy work. I’ve also sat on both sides of the client/consultant fence and know what clients expect and what consultants can deliver. Too often there is a mismatch between the two.

That’s why I have set up a bespoke, global consultancy focused on connectivity and digital policy issues that impact all sectors. We offer our clients a flexible group of experts with the right experience, knowledge and networks that come together as Policy Impact Partners. PIP is a flexible consultancy platform where individually, or together, we offer advice to clients without the associated overheads of a large consultancy firm, and with the guarantee of only senior and experienced consultants.

Our core team is highly skilled and experienced. Between us we have led tech associations, run major global and EU focussed advocacy campaigns, driven policy at the highest levels within government, and provided government affairs guidance to some of the biggest names in tech and across sectors. If the projects we undertake for our clients require additional local expertise or insights, we draw on our carefully selected consultant network to provide the necessary global reach, including in-country analysis and advocacy support.”

Here is how we approach our work, and how PIP can support you.


We have worked with many stakeholders involved with connectivity and digital policy issues so we understand how to analyse, engage and facilitate dialogue in an increasingly complex and sensitive policy landscape. Building on our established networks and many years of experience, we work with clients to promote mutual understanding across industries, and between regulators and policymakers, to shape policies that can positively impact investment, innovation and competition.


Fast-moving technological innovation often clashes with outdated policies and regulation creating obstacles that take time to analyse and resolve. Entering new and different markets can pose unfamiliar policy and regulatory challenges. We are the necessary extension to your own team, providing specific expertise and capacity at short notice and on a flexible basis.


We offer a flexible platform bringing together senior experts that can work individually or in dedicated teams, delivering great value by avoiding the associated ‘overheads’ of larger firms. Together we draw on our understanding of the regional and national markets in which we personally operate, and the processes and institutions that shape policy making across them. Our core team and consultant network have the knowledge, experience and established relationships across industry, media and government to support your efforts to positively impact media, policy and regulation at both the regional and country level.


We are an EU-based consultancy but our combined professional network gives us reach beyond regions. We help national policymakers, regulators and innovators understand the global context and best practice. We take into consideration local customs, cultures and language requirements as we tailor our contribution to the needs of different stakeholders in different markets.