Cecilia Mamelodi-Onyadile

Senior Policy Advisor, Botswana

Cecilia is a Senior Policy Advisor in the Africa Team, with extensive experience of influencing digital policy and regulation at the highest levels in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. She has expertise in ICT, telecommunications, meteorology, Regional Internet Exchange Points, cyber security and infrastructure development. 

Cecilia’s association with SADC spanned more than a decade, during which she was instrumental in coordinating the fifteen member states in the development of a region-wide, integrated, cost-effective and reliable telecommunications and ICT infrastructure. She had oversight of the work of implementing agencies and facilitated high-level discussions between Ministers of member states in relation to the 4th industrial revolution.

Earlier in her career, Cecilia was Head of Regulatory Affairs at the Botswana Telecommunications Corporation and a founding Board Member of the Communications Regulatory Authority.