Kwaku Antwi

Kwaku Antwi

Senior Policy Advisor, Ghana

Kwaku is an effective and dynamic ICT policy and regulation advocate with experience covering multiple sectors across African and Caribbean markets. He delivers research and consulting support for: our clients, government reform projects and businesses looking to bridge the African and Caribbean Markets.

Kwaku is a regular contributor to international conferences on the future of the internet and a speaker at ICT forums and workshops, as well as being a trainer and lecturer in both business and academic contexts. He is active in policy groups and forums including the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4ai), the Ghana Coalition, the Internet Society and numerous community-based initiatives.

Kwaku has a particular interest in the key role that next generation and community-based networks can play in developing digital ecosystems and addressing the needs of the underserved and unconnected. He is a strong believer in the importance of addressing policy issues through a multistakeholder approach focused on consensus-building and delivering holistic, impactful solutions.

He has worked at the Jamaica National Bank and the Jamaica Early Childhood Development Foundation, and taught at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration.

Kwaku holds a BA in marketing from the University of Technology (Jamaica) and an MSc. in telecommunications policy and technology management from the University of the West Indies.