Before taking on a project we always take the necessary time to fully understand the landscape our clients operate in. We work in partnership to identify their specific needs and objectives in relation to the reputational, policy and regulatory challenges most relevant to them.


We develop detailed situation analysis of the media, policy and regulatory landscape facing each of our clients to fully understand what is driving an issue and the related impacts, risks and opportunities flowing from it. We can develop roadmaps of future activities likely to impact the issue and can provide regular policy briefs on demand.


We convene policy workshops to gather further insights and inputs into a strategy or specific issues. This helps inform the future direction of policy and regulatory work that either our team, or the client’s in-house team, takes forward. We always include an end of workshop report that sets out realistic objectives and recommendations on how best to achieve them.


We develop advocacy strategies for specific policy objectives. These include stakeholder analyses by market or region, targeted messaging for each audience, such as media, regulators and thought leaders, and recommended outreach platforms and tools.


Either in support of an in-house team or on a client’s behalf we execute  advocacy strategies to include tactics such as engagement with key influencers, speaking opportunities, media outreach, roundtable dialogues and other bespoke events, case study research, and communications material. We constantly monitor the impact our campaigns and assess in partnership with our clients whether its direction needs to be adjusted.


‘Digitisation’ of the economy is driving new policy approaches and challenging existing regulatory models. Policymakers and regulators would like to learn from international best practice to help inform their decision-making. We deliver tailored capacity building courses and provide support as moderators and facilitators of workshops, roundtables, and panel discussions.